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The Bitcoin Fest is a means of getting Bitcoiners together, giving Bitcoiners more reason to travel that little bit further and participate in something much bigger than a regular local meetup.

Whilst we cater for existing Bitcoiners, we encourage a safe, family friendly environment which is open to all, even Bitcoin sceptics.

No idea about Bitcoin? We don't judge! We've all been there once. Come on down, most folks at the events will be more than happy to chat about anything you want to know, and our specially curated speakers will help impart their knowledge too.

Come on down, have a chat and make your own mind up. We may even give you your first Sats for free!

The Bitcoin Fest has been developed by a core group of experienced, well connected Bitcoiners.

From Bitcoin OGs, to more recent adoptees, we have a huge set of speakers, suppliers and skills when it comes to hosting and promoting Bitcoin events.

Absolutely! The Bitcoin Fest isn't meant as an echo chamber.

If you feel strongly or not, if you're a Bitcoin Maxi or a sceptic, all we ask is for mutual respect and no raised voices, as these are family friendly Bitcoin events.

The Bitcoin Fest is here to educate, entertain and onboard, should you wish. Please keep it civil.

They are indeed! The Bitcoin Fest intends to make our Bitcoin events as family friendly and inclusive as possible.

However, there may be the odd adults only event, or events that children will not be catered specifically for, such as Business centric events.

Please check the individual Events page for full details.

Whilst all The Bitcoin Fest events must offer a free tier, which allows access to the event itself, there may be benefits and special packages on offer at each individual event.

For example, there may be limited seating, a meal upgrade, or an additional swag bag or similar on offer for a fee.

We encourage these to be kept to a minimum wherever possible.

Should you wish to pay with Bitcoin, you'll always be able to do that.

Tickets will be offered on this website's own shop, as well as some partner sites. External sites will be declared on the event page.

Do not trust payment links provided anywhere other than our official channels.

The Bitcoin Fest offers various packages for sponsorship, including at full site or event levels.

These are suitable for Bitcoin related products and services, Bitcoin friendly businesses, local meetups and more.

Sponsorship packages may include special offers from other suppliers or the venue, including both digital and physical advertising opportunities to thousands of eager eyes.

Contact us today to find out more or check out our affordable sponsorship packages on our store.

Yes you can! A small fee may be charged by the event venue. This will vary for each event, but details will be provided.

All applications will be manually researched prior to acceptance. In event of rejection, your licence application fee will not be refunded.

As with everything, we encourage these to be as low as possible, in order to lower any barriers to entry for smaller providers.

We will never take a share of your sales from the events, just a licence fee to allow you to sell at our events.

We want you to do exactly that! Wherever you are in the world, we'll do our best to help.

We're better connected in Europe and America than elsewhere, but we're always adding to our 'Little Orange Book'.

As well as helping you bring elements of your event together, we can help you promote your event, contact influencers, and let you know things you should bare in mind.

The more we grow, the more we learn, the more we help.

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